Jivamukti Workshop mit Ruth Lauer Manenti 06.10.2019

Jivamukti Workshop mit Ruth Lauer Manenti aus New York. Der Workshop wird in englischer Sprache geführt.
"My hope as a teacher is to take part in creating a space that is quiet and still so that the practitioner is challenged, focused and at ease.  In that way the practitioner is able to find the yoga within themselves, for yoga is graceful and has a way of falling into place (Lady Ruth)"
A slow moving, challenging and safe Jivamukti vinyasa style asana workshop with an emphasis on proper breathing, alignment and awareness while making transitions. This workshop will contain meditation, chanting, and yoga philosophy for a well rounded uplifting calming experience. Open to all levels.
Yoga practice and philosophy emphasizes ease and understanding of opposites- joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, effort and grace. Through the spectrum of experience, spiritual wisdom can be gained. Knowledge is not given to us by a Guru waving his wand but rather through our own efforts. It is however the ability, the potential to make and learn from those efforts that one feels grace. For further discussion on these ideas, verses from the Bhagavad Gita will be highlighted. This discussion can be of interest to all and is not limited to people already  familiar with Yoga Texts. 

Der Kurs wird auf Englisch unterrichtet. 

Datum: Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2019
Zeit: 14:00 - 17:00h

Kosten: CHF 90.- 

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